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Vintage Samsonite Faux Leather Brown Wardrobe Trunk Suitcase Luggage w key 29
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Vintage steamer wardrobe trunk Chattanooga TN area
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Vintage Excelsior Travelling Storage Wardrobe Trunk 42 X 23
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1945 Hartmann Luggage wardrobe steamer trunk photo vintage print ad
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vintage wardrobe cushion top steamer trunk
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1916 Ad Vintage Luggage Wardrobe Trunk Suitcase Travel Traveling James McCreery
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Rare Hartmann Vintage Stateroom Antique Travel Steamer Trunk Wardrobe Chest
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Vintage BARBIE and KEN 1963 Red Clothes Trunk CARRYING CASE Wardrobe u1
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Vintage Large THE TOTTY TRUNK CABINET ROBE Wardrobe Trunk
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Vintage 1925 Belber Steamer Wardrobe Trunk Cunard Queen Mary Art Deco NICE CHEST
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Vintage 1920s WARDROBE TRUNK Local Pick up or ship
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Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Trunk Great Stickers Queen Elizabeth
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vintage hartmann brown metal luggage suitcase steam trunk wardrobe 33x21x9in
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Antique vintage Wardrobe Travel Trunk
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1947 Hartmann Co Racine WI Vintage Wardrobe Trunk Packing For School Luggage Ad
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Vintage HARTMANN TOUROBE 1900s era Large Steamer Trunk Travel Suitcase WARDROBE
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Antique Vintage Flat Top Black Wardrobe Steamer EMJ Mono Trunk Chest 15x20x40
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Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Trunk w Wood Hangers 5 Drawers
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Vintage HORN 1900s era Large Steamer Trunk Travel Suitcase WARDROBE
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The travel trunk is definitely an is a contemporary mix of historical past, traditions, travels, treasures, and future happenings. Many years ago the trunk was a will have to have for traveling cross nation or ocean; and nowadays the trunk serves a number of functions from a residing area coffee table, to college dorm area storage.

Trunks date back countless many years to spots like China, and therefore are acknowledged to own not just been a expected piece of voyage gear, but one on the to start with pieces of furnishings. Through the entire many years, dependent on a trunk maker's environment, trunks have been crafted from many kinds of wood and steel, and coated with everything from deer and horse hide, to canvas and leather.

The steamer trunk, which commonly involves thoughts when persons imagine of antique trunks, or envision their ancestors traveling across the ocean on their approach to the brand new World, was a specific category of trunk produced reduced and wide to quickly keep underneath the bunks of steamships of the 17th and 18th centuries, however the steamer trunk was just one particular on the lots of forms of trunks.

Popular while in the 17th century was a trunk some referred to as the Gold Rush Trunk, or stagecoach trunk. It was generally coated in leather and had massive brass studs which resembled golden nuggets. It would have taken quite a bit of abuse since it traveled across the brand new frontier, and once it arrived at its destination, it might are utilized for storing almost everything from wood to quilts, and often used as a piece of furnishings when bodies outnumbered chairs within a household.

Popular using the ladies while in the 17th and 18th centuries was a trunk recognized as being the half trunk, or women trunk. It was closer for the dimension of the hat box than an actual trunk, and would have been easier for a lady to carry thanks to its smaller sized size. Women of a additional rich status may well have adorned their trunks with treasured metals, and would have had extremely small to accomplish with carrying them!

1 from the most celebrated trunks of all time is regarded as being the Jenny Lind Trunk. Jenny Lind was "the Swedish Nightingale", and in 1850 came to America for any two yr concert tour. Her trunks had been swiftly duplicated by trunk makers throughout the country, and have been normally coated in leather, secured with excellent brass studs, and usually really ornamental with detailed interiors and embellishments.

Throughout historical past we've noticed flat prime trunks as well as round major trunks; and it really is amusing to note that historians suspect round best trunks were crafted for all those who sought after their luggage to become stored about the top rated of baggage vehicles so as not to be damaged; very sensible considering!

The Vintage Wardrobe Trunk is usually a wonderful piece of history that carries with it stories told and untold. If just one could observe a trunk during time since it traveled from spot to spot, staying with one particular owner, or quite possibly switching owners from mom to daughter or father to son. Whatever history a trunk has, it truly is well known that its occupation was critical, and it was constructed for any lengthy life.

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Question how much would a 1930 Patsy doll be worth?

Best Answer A nice 1930's Patsy in good condition by Effanbee a lot has to do with the size, whether she has a wig or not music box, but I am going to give you the more common doll with the molded hair. 14" $400 to 500 16" Patsy Joan $400.00 to 450.00 Trunk and vintage wardrobe and doll $650.00 Patsy Ruth 26" $1,200.00 Patsy Mae 30" $1500.00 Hope this helps
Question where can i find information on early 1900's Oregon bagagge box manufacturer's.Precicly Multnomah Bagaggeman .
iI am looking for the Multnomah Bagaggeman company of Oregon/circa 1900-1950.

Best Answer The company you are trying to find was called "Multnomah Co." and they also made "Man-Proof" wardrobe trunks" from Portland, Oregon. The website below has an e-mail address as well as a lot of general information on these old trunks (not Multnomah specifically though). I would drop them an e-mail ans ask them what else they can tell you about the company. If you also posted this comment on a vintage label company website: "I'm in pocession of a very old steamer trunk that was owned by my grnadmother. I'm 53, it's old. The only Identifying mark on it is a stamped label "Multnomah"/ Baggageman Proof. My gran grew up in Oregon, but I can't find the history of this trunk. It's got to be 60-70 Years old. Can anyone out there give me the history?" I would be willing to ask a group of Oregon historians if they know more information on the trunk and the label. Many are from Multnomah county in Oregon (Portland is in Multnomah county, as is Oregon City - both very old Oregon cities). Click on my picture to get to a place to send me an e-mail and I'm ask the group if they know more about the company.

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